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Ha I just remembered I am on the internet and I can say the fuck I want! So PLEASE READ

Look….you there….yus you…..DON’T LET ANYONE TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT!!! I know how you feel…..okay maybe not (I am so bad at trying to express my feelings in words) BUT…. I do know how it feels when someone hurts you inside or physical and they make you feel so small the smallest you can ever feel… feel alone?……depressed?… can talk to people…..NOT THE DOCTOR (if chu don’t want) BUT ME! I don’t really know my point of this blog but I want to be heard….even if I have nothing to say (like now XD) but I just want to be heard I am sick of being that little spec of dirt on the bottom of someone’s shoe I MAYBE DIRT……but this dirt has a voice…..and I want you to hear this….thank you for your time reading this (if anyone did…..probably not)

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/ Pikachu